How to use Melatonin – Follow the steps to achieve best results!

how to use melatonin

Have you still not joined the bandwagon of tanning? What are you waiting for? The fashion industry has started off this new technique to ensure that people of the West get to fulfill their long-fantasized dream of having a tanned skin. By means of injecting Melatonin in human body, this whole tanning process kick starts. Wondering how to use Melatonin? Well, there are certain procedures that are to be followed prior to administering this peptide into human body! Before that;

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Facts and Myths about Melatonin: The Hormone for Sleep!

Numerous facts and myths are associated with melatonin and how it works to improve sleep. Some think that melatonin supplements are just another sleeping pill while others think that these can cause cancer.

However, before jumping off to facts and debunking the myths, let’s have a look at what melatonin is.

melatonin facts

What is melatonin?

Melatonin is a hormone that regulates the sleep-wake cycle of both humans and animals. The pineal gland located in the vertebrate brain produces this hormone.

During nights, the pineal gland becomes active and releases melatonin to induce sleep. The gland remains idle during the day and decreases the hormone’s release.

Now that the understanding is clear, take a look at the facts and myths.

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Learn how this Dracula Hormone helps in Restoration of Youth in You

In humans, melatonin plays a significant role in a circadian rhythm, i.e. the daily cycle of biological activity based on a 24-hour interval. Secreted by the pineal gland, this chemical messenger is known as “Dracula Hormone” as the secretion peaks during the night hours in dark.

melatonin mechanisms
melatonin mechanisms

Here’s a snippet of the mechanism regarding how does melatonin work on our body?

Detection of dark influences the entire production and release of this wonder hormone by the retina. To break down the process, read the following steps:

  • Retina detects light and sends signals to the hypothalamus.
  • Melatonin secretion is inhibited.
  • During the night, retina detects dark and again sends signals to SCN ( suprachiasmatic nucleus)
  • SCN, in turn, communicates with the pineal gland which causes the release of melatonin.

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