Getting a glorious feel with Melatonin

A peach-ish tanned look can never go out of fashion. That alluring tanned skin can instantly turn numerous heads towards your direction. Slathering yourself with abundant sunscreen before basking for hours in the sun cannot guarantee you of that drool-worthy tanned look which you have wanted for yourself. But you can attain your desire with melatonin.

Scientific investigators at the University of Arizona during mid-1980 had the best answer for defence against skin cancer. According to them, activation of melanin content in the skin is an effective way to minimise skin cancer rates which can be achieved with tanning.

The present beauty market has been filled with such tanning injections which have set the output of the tanned look to a next level. These tanning injections give you a deeper tan whose lasting period is of several months without getting sun exposed. If compared to natural sun tanning which fades away quickly, this injecting method is fruitful in the fastest way possible.


How melatonin imparts a peachy tanned look

  • The idea of getting tanned is to have a flush bronze glow that will enhance the appearance. Sunbathing for hours can only tan areas which are exposed to the sun.
  • Melatonin has hormonal peptides which stimulate the natural tanning mechanism of where you have injected it into your body. With its help, you can create a tan without exposing yourself to harmful UV radiation.
  • There is a very narrow line between getting suntanned and sunburnt. These melanin-increasing injections are a perfect product for those who suffer from sun burns in place of getting tanned.

These products contain a combined and safeguarded peptide hormone which is 1000 times more powerful than natural melanocyte hormone produced by your body.

Melatonin is available in the form of dry powder. It is restructured using uncontaminated water. This solution, when injected, is quickly absorbed by the skin, spreading throughout the body.

Utilization method for achieving a perfect tan with melatonin

Your wish to create an ideal peachy skin tone can be achieved with its correct application method. Such tanning injections have a complete kit comprising of products like vial, sterile injectable water, alcohol wipes, and needles. You need to follow the guidelines given below:

  1. After opening the vial top, you need to clean its surface with the provided alcohol wipe. That particular alcohol wipe should be discarded after one use.
  2. Similarly, the sterilised water vial should also be cleaned with another alcohol wipe and then thrown away.
  3. You need to use the provided syringe for drawing out the water.
  4. The water content drawn out of the water ampule should be exactly of 1ml. The next step is to inject the water into the product vial.
  5. The syringe should be empty on withdrawal. Do not shake the vial as the powder itself gets dissolved to give a clear solution.
  6. You can store it in your refrigerator and use it whenever you feel ready.

An individual vial of tanning injection like melatonin of 10mg starts from £19.99. You can buy melatonin separately purchase a set of 10 ultrafine syringes whose price range starts from £3.25.

For more prices and where to buy melatonin, you can visit sites of authentic dealers. With the use of such excellent tanning method which is faster than normal tanning methods, you can get the best results. Do not wait any further to flaunt a beach ready body all the time with melatonin.