How to use Melatonin – Follow the steps to achieve best results!

Have you still not joined the bandwagon of tanning? What are you waiting for? The fashion industry has started off this new technique to ensure that people of the West get to fulfill their long-fantasized dream of having a tanned skin. By means of injecting Melatonin in human body, this whole tanning process kick starts. Wondering how to use Melatonin? Well, there are certain procedures that are to be followed prior to administering this peptide into human body! Before that;

What is Melatonin?

These injections are part of a newly developed procedure, wherein by injecting this peptide in the body, melanocortin receptors are targeted. This helps in enhancing the procedure of sunless tanning within your body. Stimulating the alpha-melanocyte receptors of human body, further development of melanin takes place with its help.

Hence, administration of this procedure has to be done in a proper and specific manner.

How to use  Melatonin for best results?

In case this is your first time, and you are not very sure of ways to ensure that this process is carried out smoothly, it is best that these steps be followed. A proper execution of these steps will result in obtaining desired results.

  • Step 1:

The first thing that has to be noted is the condition of Melatonin. This peptide is available in a freeze-dried powder form and is stored in vials. These vials need to be reconstituted with sterile water prior to using it. After opening this vial, the top needs to be cleaned with alcohol swipe.

  • Step 2:

Next, the water ampoule needs to be wiped with alcohol swipe before using it. The quantity of sterile water to be used specifically depends on preference of the shade that you have wanted. After this cleaning is done, syringe is unwrapped and inserted into this water ampoule.

  • Step 3:

The next and most important step in checking out how to use Melatonin is to draw out 100 units of water from the ampoule and then insert it into the vial containing melatonin. After this syringe is filled with the dissolved freeze powder, only then can further process be started.

  • Step 4:

It is to be noted that after the syringe is filled, there should be no jerk or any such external disturbance to it, as it would change the saturation level of the content. This on the contrary could harm the tanning process. This content should then be refrigerated.

Managing the dosage of this process:

For people who have no idea as to how to use Melatonin, it is very important that they note the level of tan they want in their skin. It is based on that shade the content of the injection is to be prepared.

Generally, dosage range from 10-40 mg is administered for someone who is trying it out on an initial note. In that regard, if 2.5ml of sterile water is used for a freeze Melatonin powder of 10mg, the resultant solution will have 4mg of the product for every 1ml. On a regular basis, dosage of 0.5mg- 2.0mg is acceptable.

You can buy melatonin within a price range of £4.5-6.00 for a Melatonin mg kit, for the complete tanning process, monetary amount could range up to £70.

Are you now sure as to how to use Melatonin? Next is to get the product from an authentic online store.

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